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06/09/2018 / By Rhonda Johansson

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one in three Americans are sleep-deprived. This shocking statistic is

11/27/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

Even normal blood sugar levels can contribute to brain ageing and atrophy, concluded a team of scientists at the Australian

11/15/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

If you remember your middle school education, you may recall your classic Shakespearean lesson of Romeo and Juliet. In particular,

11/11/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

“We’re not trained in prevention,” warned cardiologist and author of The Paleo Cardiologist: The Natural Way to Heart Health, Dr.

11/08/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

Lovingly called “meditation in motion” by those who regularly practice it, the noncompetitive martial art of Tai Chi is now

10/30/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

We are a sleep-deprived nation. National health groups estimate that nearly a third of us lack sleep, with more cases

10/16/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

Here’s an article to lighten the mood. recently revealed the top 50 activities that get our hearts pumping, ranging

10/13/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

Three grams of the amino acid phenylalanine may be the additional push you need to a leaner physique. Bodybuilders and

10/10/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

A professor of microbiology and pathology at Colorado State University warns that taking probiotics means diddly squat if you don’t

10/06/2017 / By Rhonda Johansson

In the largest cohort study to date, a team of British nutrition experts confirmed just how powerful omega-3 fatty acids