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05/22/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

Low sperm count may mean more than the inability to sire a child. It could point to serious health problems.

05/18/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

We know that walking makes us feel good, especially after a stressful day. That’s why some people choose to “walk

05/09/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

The health-conscious do their best to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, minimize stress, and sleep well. But they may

05/08/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

Even scientists can bark up the wrong tree sometimes. For more than a century, they have pointed their fingers at

05/08/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

You watch what you eat and make sure you get a good night’s sleep. You regularly step outdoors to get

05/08/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

Music has charms to soothe the savage beast, so wrote the playwright-poet William Congreve. Science has shown that music can also

05/06/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

Regular trips to the gym are not enough if you want to have those rippling muscles that make you the

05/02/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

We may someday help seniors currently suffering from macular degeneration regain their eyesight. That’s because scientists at the University College

04/28/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

The invention of electricity has brought a lot of benefits, like powering appliances that make housework faster and easier for

04/27/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

Many changes happen as we age. Our energy levels drop. We’d rather stay home and putter in the garden than